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New Claims

Please have your client complete the Liability Claim Form (see downloads section below) and email this to us.


Existing Claims

Please contact our claims handlers (Cunningham LindsayinTrust“) on:


Phone: +61 2 9762 1813



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100% Lloyd’s security


Minimum premiums start from $1,500


Primary layer limit to $30M (+$40M Excess or Umbrella)


Can include sub-limits &/or extensions for:

Asbestos demolition removal (claims-made or occurrence)

Cash in safe / cash in transit

(blanket) Contractual Liability

Goods on hook

Incidental PI (bodily injury, property damage or pure fin loss)

Marine Industry Liability

Negligent Loss of Keys

(blanket) Principal as Additional Insured & Waiver of Subrogation

Product recall expense

Rectification of Faulty workmanship

Rip & Tear

Statutory Liability

UAV (drones)

We Love                       We Consider                          We can’t do

* any vanilla risk which meets
  our min premium of $1,500 and
without a W2W exposure

* building & construction

* commercial cleaners
(outside hours)

* scaffolding

* manufacture

* security industry

  (not start-ups or crowd control)

* services to mining / oil / gas

* trades

* waste / treatment industry

* wet / dry hire

* USA exports

* air-side

* asbestos contractors

* blasting

* demolition

* high hazard construction

* labour hire (blue collar)

* excavation > 5mtrs

* CCC > $500K

* horizontal drilling

* off shore / underground

* security industry crowd
control (excl clubs / pubs /
music events etc)  

* tree loppers

* tyre industry

* work on HV power lines

* adverse claims histories

* auto critical parts

* aviation parts

*commercial cleaners
(during hours)

* controlled burns

* Chinese imports

* eCigs / Vape 

* hydrofracking (fraking)

* pubs / clubs / alcohol risks

* medical cannabis/marijuana

* vehicle / boat / bike retailing

* security Industry (start ups or

   crowd control – clubs / pubs /
music events etc)

* sport / leisure / entertainment

* pubs / clubs / alcohol risks

* work on / under power lines in

  bushfire areas 

* businesses who have been
operating uninsured

Click here to access downloads

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