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Ben Patrick

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David Jones

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Tracy Newnham​

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* 100% Lloyd’s security

Appetite for US exposures including domiciled sales and manufacturing operations

* Ability to arrange cover on US parented companies with up to US$150m turnover

* The Underwriters have a research driven methodology with close attention paid to
  company / government instructed product recalls, advances in technology and
  regulatory requested amendments to product labelling 

* Avoidance of permanently invasive devices allows consistent and cost effective
solutions to be sourced

Core Classes

* Products Liability (occurrence basis with option for claims made trigger if required)

* Public / Pollution Liability (occurrence basis)

Supplementary Classes
(written in conjunction with core classes)

* Clinical Trials

* Medical Malpractice

* Incidental Product Recall

* Incidental Professional Indemnity

Companies engaged in the manufacturing, wholesaling or retailing of:

Medical products (e.g. laryngoscopes, stethoscopes, needles / syringes, laser
scalpels and general surgical equipment)

Temporarily invasive medical equipment (e.g. urinary catheters and insulin

* Diagnostic devices, monitoring/ investigative equipment and substances
(e.g. CT scanners, x-ray equipment, pulse oximeters, dialysis machines and
contrast agents)

* Items used in a medical or therapeutic context outside the human body
(e.g. support devices, plasters, dressings and surgical gloves)

* Robotic medical equipment and dispensing machines

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