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The ability to settle valid claims quickly and fairly in a human way is central to our business philosophy, and our claims handlers are empowered to exercise their professional judgement to deliver an exceptional customer service. 


Please contact us in the first instance on any PI claims matter.




Ben Patrick

Phone:         +61 8 9420 7960

Mobile:         +61 411 011 625



David Jones

Phone:         +61 8 9420 7910

Mobile:         +61 419 954 564




Tracy Newnham​

Phone:         +61 8 9420 7920

Mobile:         +61 427 795 582​ 


* 100% Lloyd’s security

* Umbrella layer limit to $10m

* ‘Sticks’ to primary PI policy

* Excess Liability (Difference in Limits) follows-form the primary cover

* Excess Liability matches (ie. doubles) agreed primary sub-limits
  (only policy on the market we know of that does this!)

* Drop-down cover (Difference in Conditions) automatically includes the following:
  • Contractual Liability (blanket basis)
  • Principal(s) as joint insured (blanket basis)
  • Waiver of subrogation (blanket basis)
  • No liquidated damages exclusion

                  (only PI policy on the market we know of that doesn’t exclude LD’s)

  • Professional Services (asbestos) write-back


* Optional Additional Benefits include:

  • Intellectual Property Rights Infringement
  • Payment of Withheld Fees


*No requirement to disclose any contracts (existing or future) to us

* Takes over from the primary policy when the primary aggregate is exhausted.

Target Risks

Any PI risk other than those on the decline list

Decline Risk

  • Actuaries
  • Air-side exposures
  • Asbestos auditiors
  • Charities
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Financial planners, stockbrokers, property valuaers, mortgage brokers
  • Lloyd’s MGA’s
  • Marine surveyors, engineers, naval architects
  • Med-mal, quasi-medical risks
  • Rail exposures
  • Site inspectors, superintendents, supervisors
  • Solicitors
  • Social workers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Tour operators
  • Trustees (pension funds, charities, fund administrators)

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