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New Claims

Please have your client complete our Claim Form (see downloads section below) and email it to us.


Existing Claims

Please contact our claims handlers (Cunningham LindsayinTrust“) on:


Phone: +61 2 9934 5000

Email:   claims


Ben Patrick

Phone:         +61 8 9420 7960

Mobile:         +61 411 011 625



David Jones

Phone:         +61 8 9420 7910

Mobile:         +61 419 954 564 



Tracy Newnham​

Phone:         +61 8 9420 7920

Mobile:         +61 427 795 582​ 


100% Australian Authorised security


Australia wide (excluding QLD properties North of the 25th) 


$10,000,000 capacity under binder (including WA & NT cyclone zones)

Can consider higher limits through access to reinsurance markets


Property section includes blanket machinery / electronic equipment cover
($10K Any one loss $25K in the Agg) (for items up 3KW or 4HP)


Commercial tenancies accepted
(up to 15% commercial tenancies)


Short-stay residential strata’s considered
(not hotels / motels)


Very competitive rates


Minimum excess $250

We Love                       We Consider                          We can’t do

Modern, massive


Low claims frequency

Sums insured up to

Properties in cyclone
A, B & C (excl

Managed by Strata
 Management Company

Mixed construction

Older properties

Properties in cyclone
area D

Sums insured in excess

Some commercial
 (15% max)

Short Stay properties
(not hotels / motels)

EPS (up to 10%)


Inferior construction

Adverse claims histories

Properties located

Commercial strata 

Hotels / motels

Heritage listed

EPS > 10%

ACP panels

Fidelity & D&O if
property not
 managed by

Mangement company

Flood cover

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