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In order to provide rapid first line support to all our clients, we offer access to a 24/7 global incident response centre. Located in the UK, this contact centre is manned by multi-lingual, experienced call handlers who are available at all times to respond to live incidents or accept the reporting of active claims.There is an extensive partner network across the globe of highly specialised, vetted providers in a wide variety of areas. These partners allow us highly localised support to clients in over 60 countries around the world. Throughout the claims process, central oversight and management is maintained to ensure a consistent experience for all our customers.


24/7 Global Incident Response Centre +44 207 2208500


David Jones

Phone:         +61 8 9420 7910

Mobile:         +61 419 954 564

Email:         david.jones@edgeunderwriting.com.au


Jo Claridge

Phone:         +61 8 9420 7940

Mobile:         +61 448 189 946 

Email:           jo.claridge@edgeunderwriting.com.au


Tracy Newnham​

Phone:         +61 8 9420 7920

Mobile:         +61 427 795 582​ 

Email            tracy.newnham@edgeunderwriting.com.au





The policy is designed to be as broad and comprehensive as possible, so there are no exclusions for civil fines and penalties, project delays, third party defects or bugs post acceptance. We also do not include any definitions of technology activities which would restrict cover.



Claims can quickly spiral out of control and incur a significant cost to the business or individual. That’s why the policy includes reimbursement of costs incurred to help reduce or avoid a claim, as well as the payment of fees withheld by an aggrieved client if this mitigates a potentially larger claim.



The comprehensive cover takes into account the risks faced by modern businesses by providing protection against a wide variety of cyber attacks and data loss scenarios. It extends to loss or breach of data held in a cloud as well as hack attack on third parties emanating from your computers systems.



Clear, unambiguous cover for breach of a client contract. The policy covers sums which you become legally obliged to pay as a result of a claim by a client made against you, including liability for claimants’ costs and expenses.



The policy covers costs associated with copyright and trademark infringement claims being brought against you, including legal costs, damages, settlements and counterclaims.



The policy covers costs associated with copyright and trademark infringement claims being brought against you, including legal costs, damages, settlements and counterclaims.

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Technology Companies


Social Media Companies


Media Companies

×   Cloud providers

×   Control system integrators

×   Digital marketing agencies

×   Domain name resellers

×   Encryption software / PKI

×   Games developers and publishers

×   Hardware design / development

×   Hardware / software value-added resellers

×   Hosting

×   Internet of Things

×   I T consultants & IT security consultants

×   I T support and training / helpdesks

×   Networking engineers


×   Software developers

×   Systems integrators

×   Web designers / developers


×   Gambling software developers

×   Infrastructure companies

×   Medical software developers

×   Wearable tech


×   eWallets

×   Health information exchanges

×   Live trading / straight through processing

×   Payment processors in companies

×   Prepaid debit or credit card provider


×   App developers

×   Mobile game developers

×   Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPGs) developers

×   Business networking websites

×   Corporate blogs

×   Genealogy websites

×   Social networking websites

×   Web-based communities


×   Crowdsourcing platforms

×   Dating apps

×   Online classifieds

×   Online marketplaces

×   Peer-to-peer platforms



×   Crowdfunding platforms


×   Advertising agencies

×   Advertisers

×   Authors

×   Bloggers

×   Broadcasters – TV, Radio and Web

×   Copywriters

×   Creative writers

×   Film / TV distributors

×   Freelance writers

×   Graphic designers

×   Journalists

×   Marketing consultants / agencies

×   New media / digital agencies

×   Multimedia companies

×   Music professionals – artists, composers, producers, publishers

×   Photographers

×   PR consultants

×   Press agencies

×   Photostock libraries and agencies

×   Publishers – digital, magazine, newspapers, online

×   Radio stations

×   Social media agencies

×   Celebrity gossip

×   Direct marketing / lead generation

×   Fashion, health and beauty

×   Film producers – Media / E&O

×   Glamour photography

×   Investigative / expose journalism


×   Explicit pornography

×   Extremist content

×   Printers E&O