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From its humble beginnings in 2011, Edge has become renowned for pushing the boundaries of coverage, benefits, service, appetite and value.


They have successfully delivered on their goal to bring coverage and service usually available only in the large corporate space to small commercial, large commercial and small corporate clients. They continue to innovate proving many market firsts and best-in-class coverage. They are committed to giving brokers the Edge – they won’t deal direct.


When you speak to one of the experienced underwriters you are dealing with the decision maker who is actually assessing, evaluating and quoting the risk.

Cyclone Exposed Residential Strata

First underwriting agency to develop a binder to exclusively target cyclone exposed, residential strata properties in Western Australia


Contractual Liability (blanket basis)

First underwriting agency in Australia to offer contractual liability / principal as joint insured / waiver of subrogation (blanket basis) as a standard coverage benefit for SME risks


Telephone Legal Advice for your business

First underwriting agency to offer access to free telephone legal advice for matters affecting an Insured’s business


Telephone Legal Advice and Legal Expenses for you

First underwriting agency in the world to offer access to free telephone legal advice and legal expenses for personal matters for employees covered under a corporate LEXi policy


Full Compliant Policy

First underwriting agency to offer the wider broker community a GPAS policy which fully complied with the CFMEU (WA) EBA


UAVs (Drones)

First underwriting agency in Australia to offer the option to cover drones under our public & products liability policy

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Lloyd’s is the world’s specialist insurance and reinsurance market, bringing together an outstanding concentration of underwriting expertise and talent. Over 80 syndicates underwrite insurance at Lloyd’s, covering all classes of business. Together they interact with thousands of brokers daily to create insurance solutions for businesses in over 200 countries and territories around the world.


In Australia, Lloyd’s is proud to be a member of the Insurance Council of Australia. Lloyd’s has adopted the General Insurance Code of Practice subject to certain specific qualifications. You can obtain a copy of the code at www.codeofpractice.com.au

Spend a few minutes with David Jones, Managing Director and co-owner of Edge Underwriting and you will experience his great passion and his love for insurance and what it can do for those in their time of need. He has technical knowledge second to none.


He has a deep respect for insurance brokers, the role they play and the challenges they face – he’s been one.


He loathes the stale products, lack of urgency and the ‘computer says no’ attitude that has become the norm for many. He’s held national roles with global insurers who ‘just don’t get it’.


In setting up Edge, David was determined to surround himself with the best people. There’s 60+ years of collective experience in the underwriting team alone. Developing best-in-class products through arguably the best security (Lloyd’s) was seen as key.


Finding solutions where others find reasons to say no, finding reasons to pay claims and only dealing through brokers remains central to his service ethic.


David is relentless in his pursuit to evaluate and innovate, do it better, do it quicker, and he loves having skin in the game. In his own words “Underwriting at its best, underwriting as it should be….welcome to the edge of underwriting”.

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