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We are proud to introduce you to our GLUE lite policy. It’s simply the DIL section of the GLUE policy and is designed to be used where:

* the GLUE additional benefits are not required; or

* the primary policy already includes blanket contractual liability / joint
insured / 
waivers / PI

Features & Benefits

* 100% Lloyd’s security

* Excess Liability limit to $40m

* Can ‘stick’ to Public & Products Liability, MV Liability, Workers Comp
(Common Law)

* Matches (follows-form) the primary policy. Even agreed primary sub-
imits are matched (doubled).
  (only policy on the market we know of that does this!)

Target Risks                                                        Decline Risks

* any risk with a contractual liability, incidental PI,
  or USA Exports exposure


* building & construction

* commercial cleaners

* scaffolding

* importers / manufacturers

* security industry

* services to mining / oil / gas

* trades

* waste / treatment industry

* wet / dry hire

* adverse claims history

* asbestos

* crtiical / saferty parts (marine / auto / aviations)

* tyre industry

* hydrofracking (fraking)

* vehicle / boat / bike retailing

* pharmaceuticals

* sport / leisure / entertainment

* pubs / clubs

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