Important Information that should be provided in the case of an emergency

  • Inform the Healix Co-ordinator that you/the patient are insured with Edge Underwriting (via Canopius@Lloyds)  and provide them with your comprehensive contact details and company name
  • The patient’s full name, their sex, nationality and date of birth
  • The patient’s country of domicile
  • The patient’s occupation and the name of their line manager where relevant
  • A brief summary of the incident/medical problem, giving the patient’s current location, medical condition, as well as the names and contact details for any medical providers and treating medical team
  • Whether any costs have been incurred or deposits made and to which entity/person

Important Notice:

Upon contacting Healix, you will be issued with a unique assistance case number, which should be quoted at all times. This is especially relevant when submitting any written correspondence such as medical reports or other supporting documentation.