Examples of advice sought

“After multiple statutory demand’s clients is refusing to return some of the gear on hire and telling us it’s our responsibility to pick up. There are also outstanding amounts of invoices to us that they are not paying and disputing.”


“We are looking to lay off an injured worker and wish to avoid any comeback.”


“I am looking at bringing in some overseas workers in on 457 visas and want to discuss.”   


“After 16 years we need to wind up our Company and need to get some legal advice.”   


“Our tenant is falling behind on rental payments – looking at moving to default and secure our interests. What is the best course of action – based on lease agreements attached?”


“I want to clarify some points on our employment contract – extra hours.”


“We have performed approx. $1M of contracted building works for XXXX (name removed) and we are owed approximately $600,000 for that work. Work was performed over 2 allotments and the owner is in the process of selling one of the allotments. They have advised us to seek payment for the works from the purchaser. The purchaser has advised they paid extra for the block because of the completed works and we should seek payment from the vendor. We can’t afford to carry this outstanding debt and our business will go under.”


“I am looking at bringing in some overseas workers in on 457 visas and want to discuss.”


“We are a flooring contractor and have performed around $70K of flooring work. The head builder is refusing to pay us as the floor boards have warped. Where do we stand?”

How to access free legal advice via our call-back service

After reading the information below, please click on “Need A Lawyer”











What happens next

Within 2 business days they will receive a call from the relevant solicitor to discuss the matter for up to 30 minutes.


How many times can the legal advice service be accessed

There is no restriction on how many times LEXi policyholders may access this service however it is limited to one enquiry per matter.


What happens if the matter requires further representation 

It is anticipated that most legal problems will be resolved within the 30 minute

telephone conversation between the Insured and the legal practitioner.


In the event the matter requires legal action to resolve and cover is available under the LEXi policy, the legal practitioner will advise us. At this stage the Insured will be required to complete a claim form (found here). You can email the claim form to legalexpenses@proclaim.com .Upon receipt and acceptance of the claim, the legal practitioner who provided the initial advice through our exclusive call-back service (or another relevant legal practitioner from that firm), will be appointed to represent the insured. The legal fees (up to the limit of indemnity and less the policy excess) will be paid by us. When claiming under the LEXi policy it is compulsory for the matter to be handled by the legal practitioner appointed by us.


In the event the matter requires legal action to resolve, and the matter falls outside the scope of the LEXi policy, the legal practitioner will offer their on-going services at significantly discounted fees which we have negotiated exclusively for LEXi policy holders.

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